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Rubber Slitting Circular Blades

Rubber Slitting Circular BladesOur factory engaged in the development and production of the blade industry has been 30 years time, engaged in the development and production of the rubber industry have 20 years, we are a Chinese rubber industry blades leader and well-known brands. this is 20 years, we have established a dedicated rubber cutter research and development team, dedicated to research and development optimize the blade rubber according to industry standards and production requirements, in the rubber industry to ensure production efficiency, effectively increase life of the blades. Our factories produce rubber blades are made of high-quality steel industry, and choose different raw materials according to the shape of the rubber industry demand for different machines and cutting blades, meet various needs. commonly used materials are: high-speed steel, tungsten steel, carbon steel, tool steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, inlaid front steel, inlaid alloy, carbide, steel front, 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, W18Cr4V2, SK4, SK5 and many more.

Rubber Blades
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Rubber Blades
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Shanghai Zhengli Rubber Blades is a leading manufacturer and supplier of rubber cutting blades,production blades has rubber cutter, rubber slitting circular blades, rubber slitting blades, rubber razor blades, rubber crushing blades and many more. mainly tires, rubber tube, rubber sheet, rubber rod, rubber soles, waste rubber and other rubber products for cutting, slitting, shredded, diced, crushed, slotted. ...More

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