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Protect Environment! Rubber Granulator Blades Big Role


In the past, waste tires can be stacked or burning, serious environmental pollution. Waste tire incineration dioxins, furans, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals and other pollutants, a large impact on human health. Long-term open dumps waste tires, not only occupy a lot of land, but also easy to breed mosquito-borne diseases, once the risk of fire, seriously polluted.

Now, rubber granulating machine can solve this problem, it can be splintered granulated rubber, rubber particles produced by the track and playground for professional basketball, badminton, tennis, football, golf and gymnastics room, gymnasium and other venues the pavement can be applied to the overpass, community halls and corridors laying the ground, with a beautiful, non-slip, abrasion resistance, aging and flexible features, it is the new generation of environmentally friendly products.

Rubber granulating machine blades are the core components of the rubber granulator, whether rubber granulating machine blades sharp impact on production, rubber blade granulating machine whether durable impact on production costs. Our factory production of rubber granulating machine blades after 20 years of repeated selection and selection process, with sharp, wear sturdy famous. In addition, we can also insert additional coating, we have innovative coating technology can be further increased blade wear, sturdy characteristics.

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