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Rubber cutter operating procedures



1, carefully before operation check the oil level, electrical limit switches, transmission and hydraulic system, keep the rubber cutter in good condition.


2, when the glue was put in place after the start of plastic raw rubber, plastic bags should be activated after the start of wounding hurt, forbidden hand and foot over the rubber cutter, pull the plastic must be used hook.


3, check the rubber block is filled with all kinds of debris, so as not to damage the blades.


4, prohibits continuous rubber against cold, hard rubber, and other household items.


5, equipment operation, the crossing is strictly prohibited in the conveyor belt crawling or lying down to rest.


6, into the blade slot liner, elevated cutter mat good wood, cut off the power supply before they can.


7, operating on both sides should pay attention to in the tool holder slide grooves, often coupled with a small amount of lubricating oil, so that the knife from top to bottom flow.


8, disabled, the rubber cutter should be put down, cut off the power, finishing the site.

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