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Single - blade safe operating procedure for rubber cutting machine


1, carefully check the fuel tank oil level before the operation, electrical limit switches, transmission and hydraulic system, to maintain a single-pole knife cutting machine intact.


2, when the glue was put in place after the start of plastic raw rubber, plastic bags should be activated after the start of wounding hurt, forbidden hand and foot stretched more than plastic knife, pull the plastic must be used hook.


3, check to be cut in the plastic block with a variety of debris, so as not to damage the blade.


4, check the cut natural rubber block whether the required process temperature requirements.


5, to prohibit continuous cutting plastic, cut cold cut, hard rubber and debris.


6, the equipment is running, is strictly prohibited on the conveyor belt crawling or lying across the rest.


7, to the edge of the slot liner, the cutter increases the good block of wood, cut off the power before proceeding.


8, the operation should be noted that both sides of the chute in the knife, often with a small amount of oil, so the cutter up and down smooth.


9, deactivated, the cutter should be put down, cut off the power, finishing the site.

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