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Single rubber rubber cutting blades safety manual


1, must pass under the guidance of trained or experienced in action


2, tank must be raised prior to use hydraulic oil, other oil instead, the cooling fan for the mailbox on startup would have to maintain normal working operations, when check the pump motor and the cooling fan power and direction arrows, non-anti-trans.


3, guided and rigid rail on either side of machine, when lubricants should be added, between the rails and sliding rails should be aligned with transportation when, not too tight or too loose.


4, when cutting plastic raw materials must be sent to the Middle blade cutting rack, special reminders. --Safe operation.


5, rubber cutting blade must be adjusted before the shutdown across the bottom.


6, rubber machine front and back respectively, equipped with emergency stop switch, press the next stop in the emergency switch. Will stop operation of the equipment.


7, no rubber cutting blade to cut other materials.


8, do the blades and health and maintenance

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