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Rubber cutting machine blade cleaning and inspection


First, do the appropriate clean-up work. After the completion of each stage of the operation, we are the need for rubber cutting machine blade to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, because the blade in the process of work will inevitably have some residues of waste materials, if not timely clean-up, not only Will cut the rubber blade of the normal work of the impact, but also will continue to work late to bring a lot of trouble.


Second, do the daily inspection work. In addition to doing the appropriate clean-up work, the rubber cutting machine for the daily inspection work is that we can not be ignored, especially for the blade inspection. Because a lot of time we found that mechanical failure are related with the blade of the exception, so that small aspects of the detailed inspection work to ensure that the direction of the production activities of the smooth progress, so as to bring us better Expected production effect.

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